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    I have two cars I want to paint. I have painted a car before (in my garage) with some cheap paint so I think I am ok with the painting myself I need to know which products you recommend I use

    Car #1
    1969 Mustang convertible
    I painted it with some inexpensive paint to learn to paint and now I am ready to strip it down and paint it with higher quality paint. If you want you can see the car at dansstang dot com. In any case I will be sanding the car down to bear metal in some places, most likely leaving existing paint in some other places but sanded down of course and using filler to fix some small areas. So all that being said I want to to paint it a nice shade of Red, and I also want the white racing stripes as well. I want it to look nice so I am thinking it will be a two part paint and clear coat. What Eastwood products would you recommend, which primer(s) and how many coats? It took about 1/2 gallon last time to paint how much of your product should I get?

    Car #2
    1991 Chevy S10
    I want a single stage on this one as I just want to freshen it up and not looking anything other than to make it look decent. Which paint would you recommend for that, primer etc.. Again for a small pickup with a bed cap how much paint will I need?

    Also is there any way I can get paint chips so I can see the actual colors?


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