I need a lot of help! (Chevy 250 carb)

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    To preface this post, I don’t have any mechanically inclined inlaws, that’s including uncles/father.
    But my parents dropped the 400 some dollars to get me my first car, witch stupidly or not- I requested 70’s gm or mopar.

    So freshly 19 I now own a beautiful 1974 Chevy chevelle Malibu 4 door.
    That’s a 250 inline 6

    As soon as I got it I replaced the battery and fluids-
    And the sparkplugs seem fine- but when I try to turn her over I just get revving and it never QUITE turns over…
    My friend noted that the carb wasn’t fluttering when I was trying to start so I’m sure that’s my issue the problem is, I can’t seem to find a book about single barrel Chevy carbs from the 70’s…

    So I need help either id’ing my problem or maybe some litreture to help me rebuild my carb, (possibly even a new set of gaskets)

    I’m trying to inform myself the best I can but, ive never worked on ANY car before but this is what I’ve got and I wanna make it work!!!

    Any help will be welcome, thank you for reading!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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