i am getting very comfused on gun choice.

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    well, the headline should tell ya whats up with me. i am lookin to get a REAL set of guns for auto,bike, and furniture finishing and seem to have gotten my self really confused. i have been lookin at devilbiss guns( mainly the 3 gun kit #20491) and now am lookin at the concours guns. so the price range is under $200.
    now, i have heard that it is good to have the touch up gun for doing motorcycles and smaller items, but noticed the tip is 1.0, compared to 1.3 on the base/clear gun. ????
    wouldnt it be possible, and if so feesable, to use the base/clear gun for a bike or smaller items or is there some sort of reason i am missin here.
    now, for the concours guns: iffen i were to go in that direction, what should i consider, in your opinion.
    thanks for any help. think i need to go to bed now. my heads swirlin.
    oh almost forgot…air consumption wont be a problem. 60 gallon 2 stage compressor.

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