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    Hey all new to powder coating here and Iv been trying to decide on a setup to purchase.

    I was originally looking into getting the EW single voltage hobby setup but then decided I would more then likely eventually upgrade so why not just skip that step and go straight to the better setup and more then likely be satisfied forever.

    A friend of mine has lent me his cheapo HF setup to learn with and its been great fun so far and Iv been learning quiet a bit. I generally do a ton of research before I commit to something and naturally when it came to picking a setup I read just about everything I could find on the web. But as we all know the interwebs are only limited to what people are willing to share.

    Anyways iv managed to narrow it down to three systems. Either a Kool Koat 2.0 or 3.0 or a Hyper Smooth 02. The Hyper Smooth seems to be by far the most popular setup and its been around for awhile so its proven reliable and seems to just work well.

    My question is more regarding the Kool Koat systems. These seam to be the new toys on the block. Now from what I can tell these systems are supposed to have “improved electronics”. I was hoping to get a little more insight from people as to what exactly the benefit to these new electronic is? Is it worth that extra 70 bucks to just straight up ignore the HS02 and look directly at the Kool Koat 2.0? One feature I saw advertised is that there is no need for an additional multi coat nozzle anymore. How effective is this new system in the real world, or is the HS02 multi coat nozzle still the way to go?

    Also regarding the Kool Koat 3.0 it seems the only difference between this and the 2.0 is the ability to adjust the Powder pressure. What exactly are the advantages to this over not being able to do it? I have been able to find very limited information on the exact benefits of having this kind of a feature available.

    Lastly I have also looked into the powder by the pounds lineup of guns and these seem to generally be more expensive is there any reason to consider there ES01-H and ES02 setups? I see the ES02 has this Faraday wave board. But is that really worth the extra cash?

    Thanks all in advanced for any input you can provide hope I didn’t bore ya with the long post!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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