Hurricane Katrina coming our way!!

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    Ya know….I swear you might as well sticky this **** post because I’ve had to write about it WAY too many times over the past year.

    Yup…we have another Hurricane coming our way. Last update was 145MPH sustained winds with 175MPH gusts and they are recording 35 foot waves at the storm. As of now the track takes Katrina to the west of us but it’s a HUGE storm. And God knows these things can turn at a moments notice! Well, I’ll be out boarding the windows up again in the morning. I’ve already got 60 gals of gas and test ran both generators today. Hopefully I won’t be gone from here for too long. Catastrophic Hurricanes aside….I wanna know what happened to Peter K………………:D

    Take a look at these..
    For those of you that don’t know where Pensacola,FL is….My house is about 35 minutes from the Florida/Alabama state line and 4 miles off the Gulf of Mexico.


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