How well does the Accuspray Turbine System work?

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    I’ve used the 34056 Accuspray Turbine System fairly extensively to apply lacquers, enamels, sprayable body fillers and latex house paints. I love the portability (goes anywhere an extension cord will reach), and the consistent dry air supplied by the turbine. The .036 nozzle needle set is ideal for lacquers and enamels. You’ll want to get the .043 nozzle/needle set and the .052 nozzle/needle for sprayable fillers. It’s sprayed everything I tried to apply well. One silver metallic gave me a little trouble with atomization. I think I could have dialed it in better with a smaller air cap. If atomization is of the greatest concern I’d suggest getting the finer #6 or #5 air cap.

    HVLP guns in general do not atomize as finely as high pressure guns so to get the most out of this equipment there are 2 things you should do.
    1) Most paints give you an acceptable viscosity range. For example: Centari used to say mix to 18-23 seconds with a #2 Zahn cup. I blend reducer to achieve 18 seconds.
    By the way, viscosity cups are easy to use and the plastic versions are usually inexpensive (less than $8.00).
    2) Mix the paint with the next slower reducer or thinner than what the ambient temperature indicates. In other words on a 70 degree F day use the 85 degree F thinner or reducer.

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