How to use Flange Pliers

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    Hey guys this is my first post on your site. Here’s my problem. I brought the extra long Flange pliers. I’m using them on 18 ga metal on my front fenders replacement panels. My fenders are also 18 ga as well and what I’m getting looks nothing like it should. Instead of getting a sharp 90 degree offset like the picture shows in the catalog so the patch panel will fit flush in the offset I’m getting a angled offset and the front jaws of the offset doesn’t make good solid contact with the metal where the rear jaws make good contact with the metal. The picture shows the pliers being used making the offset turned upside down. I get the same result upside down or right side up. Well guys that’s my problem. These pliers come with no instructions. Bottom line guys I need some instructions on how to use these pliers or is this one of those tools that they say works but doesn’t. And if it doesn’t work, I want my money back.:confused::confused::confused:

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