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    have a guy who wants me to do some parts on his Harley, I have heard of his reputation from other PC’ers and I really don’t want to do his work. I tried the truth and told him that I have heard of how picky he is in the finished product and I just did not think I could do the quality he expects so I am not interested in doing the work, he came back and said he has seen my work and and its more then perfect, he wont give me any problems. I then said I was pretty busy and with the holidays coming up I could not get to his work for a few months and said again that I won’t do it anyway, I stuck to my guns and said no.

    Now he shows up and says its been 3 months and asks if I am all caught up to do his work, luckily this time the shop is a mess and I explain that I am expanding the shop, oven is not wired, compressor is not wired (both true) and I am waiting on the electrician to finish the wiring so shop is closed AND I again remind him I don’t want to do his work.

    He is insisting he will be happy and will not give me trouble and has offered to pay extra, how do I tell him no so that it sticks ?

    I think he is treating as a game and just keeps trying to see if I change my mind, I don’t want to play and was pretty rude last 2 times.

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