how to repair this rust on floor boards and through out other areas of the car

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    I just purchased a 1980 Triumph Spitfire and will start restoration with the interior.
    After removing all the floor mats I saw some areas of heavy rust (not through the metal) even though there is some of that in some other areas (fire wall) and I’m thinking about just welding a small patch on these.

    My question is: What do you recommend to repair this rust on the floor panels. I believe that the reason why there is a lot more rust damage on the driver side is because both the brake and clutch pumps are directly above this area and they both have signs or leaks not to mention it get more traffic.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. I’m planning on using this technique through out the car is some other areas where rust is present. (trunk, quarter panels, fire wall, etc)

    Everything will get painted over later…much later unless some type of over coat is required to fix this condition seen in the attachment


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