How to Prep new weld spots?

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    I’m patching in a section of my crew cab floor and have to butt weld in sections to the inside of the crew cab floor. I have ground down the the butt weld lines flush to the floor so now I have these two butt weld lines about 5 feet ground down to the bare metal. Now what? what should I do next? Place Primer on these butt weld lines? What type of primer? One from a spary can? or should I treat the butt weld lines with some type of cleaner, then fill wil some type of bondo, then primer? I could really use your help. Also on the top seam of the roof cab of my 01 f-150 I’m going to be welding back tack welds and alond down the back side of crew cab, what should I use once those new welds have been put back in place? As you can tell I need some help here after doing all the hard work. Also since I’m doing the same butt weld lines on the underside of my truck, what should I use for those butt weld lines? Help…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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