How to prep and paint this (pic)

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    Chriss TJ

    In the below pic is the tail gate section of a 1997 Wrangler. I know enough about body work from watching friends and employers do work that i know how to prep and paint properly….but this seem in the middle of the circle that runs vertically is stumping me.


    As far as i can tell, without removing the tub from the frame then drilling the spot welds out on these two pieces i can not separate them to get into the seam.

    How should i handle this? Im assuming its loaded with rust, judging by what the previous owner did.

    Also i will be doing small (2×2″) spot repairs all over this jeep. The paint has metalic flake in it. I have never shot metallic flake before, will this make color mathing more difficult? Im not looking for concourse quality, i know this is just a jeep. The goal however is to stop the rust, and leave the panel with a repair that will last and look good.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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