how to get started in airbrushing

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    hey everyone, im a newbie to the forum. Im currently going to college for auto paint, but what i really wanna get into is custom paint.
    Specially air brush work.
    Im actually pretty artistic as it is, but cars is one of my big insterests so i kinda wanna do something to combine both.
    Anyways, i did a bit of searching on this forum, and i think im gonna go with the Iwata Eclipse HP CS, its on ebay for about $130 new.
    If anyones got any info to help me out i’d appreciate it, just pretend i know nothing whatsoever about paiting.
    For example, for airbrushing, are there specific paints used or are they the same as your base that youd spray on a car?
    About how many airbrushes would one need to be able to do a nice mural/design with a descent range of detail?
    How do you change color while spraying? Or is it like painting on canvas where you lay down one tone, and go on to lighter/darker tones in several layers to get that 3d effect?

    thanks in advance.
    -oh, and if anyone wants to see examples of my work, id be happy to post some stuff

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