How to get paint to stick to chrome?

Posted: December 29, 2011 By: 59_apache_driver

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    I have not been able to find any info with the search function, so here it is,

    I just had the fender & hood emblems re-chromed for my ’59 Apache 3100, I want to paint the background around the letters & the Chevy Bow tie back to stock looking, but the areas are way to small to scuff up by hand, so I need a liquid (not spray) primer or etching product that I can apply with a small paint brush. Non of the products I have seen state for “Chrome”.

    Also as far as the paint I need a satin black, I can probably use some leftover chassis paint, but finding the satin red for the bow tie and for behind the “31” on the side emblems is presenting a problem. any suggestions?


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