How to cut and buff clearcoat

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    I finally finished up the painting phase of my project and need to work on polishing it up. I used the 4-1 low VOC basecoat and clear coat. I found it was nearly impossible to get a good finish with unless I reduced them about 10% with universal polyurethane reducer. I couldn’t find the MDS for the clear and the can didn’t say it was OK to reduce but I did it anyway because the reducer said it could be added to clear so hopefully that was OK. Where I started without reducer the finish is rough even after covering it with reduced clear. Fortunately, I started on the tailgate so I can redo it if necessary.

    This was my first time using the 4-1 low VOC basecoat and clear and the finish isn’t as nice as I have had with other similar 1-1 products. I used a gravity feed gun and I think it might have been too viscous for a 1.4 tip but it said 1.2-1.5 and the only size I had that was larger than 1.4 is 1.6.

    Do you have any tech videos or guides on the process of getting this polished out? I have an older pneumatic buffer with about a 9″ wheel. I also have a wide assortment of sanding blocks but I don’t know if the ones with metal bases would like wet sanding, the rest are foam. I am also considering getting a cyclo buffer, which appears to support 4″ pads from 2000-12,000. I am a little leery using water near an electric buffer (last week I fried a nice grinder while lightly wetting some concrete to keep down the dust). Would my old 9″ grinder be a good option and if so what pads would use? I only have a deep pile wool pad right now.

    One final question. I had a bug land on the clear. It was bigger than a gnat and smaller than a fly. I have some nib files. Would I just file out its body and then buff? What if it is too thin right there? Would it be possible to just mix up a eye dropper of clear and spray it out of a perfume bottle or something?

    Thank you

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