How much powder to cover my project

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    I have a lathe that I am building that can turn 48″+ diameter materials. The welder is doing the fabrication on his time at his employers location.

    I am not ready to PC myself and they have a PC setup for the truck parts they make but all the have is Henry Fords favorite color…. Black. I can supply any color I want and am leaning towards a Polyurethane. The material is 1/2″ cold rolled steel plate. The two housings are approx. 18″ square and 24″ square. I want both housings coated inside and out.

    Since I am totally new to PC, I would love any recommendations regarding how much powder to buy to get the coverage I need.

    Also, feel free to advise a newbie on what to look out for and what to do to make this a success… especially since the welder and I are using the PC equipment… not the people 😉 (i.e. the welder said not to blast the pieces, just wash and PC over the mill scale… hummmmm I think not!)

    I have posted a picture to give you an idea of the size. I will take replys here or off line. Will post finished pictures.


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