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    i jsut bought an eastwood hot coat gun and i want to pain my rims on red and clear top, i have seen many places where they say that 1pound of powder will cover about 45 sq ft, but how much its that?? i mean jut saying one face of a rim its about 2ft long and 2ft wide, so would be about 4 sq ft per face right?? so i could paint 4 rims with 1 pound since it would be 8×4: 32 sq ft right??, and after losing powder in the air and all, 2pounds could do the job easily right??, im just guessing since i have never use powdercoat before, but i just want to start with my rims, and i dont want to buy too much powder, and since the it i bought came with some powders i can try some to practice before coating my rims

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