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    Hey guys,

    Couple of questions…A friend of mine is building a stang (on a budget) and is buying a used set of 15″ aluminum wheels that look pretty crappy. Hand painted…Ooooh. Anyway, I told him I’d pretty much do them for free because I’ve never done wheels and could use the experience…and he’s a friend. I said if he pays for the powder I’d be happy. The questions:
    1)How much powder for 1 coat. I’m guessing 2lbs for both sides of 4 wheels @ 1 coat of standard color. We haven’t really talked colors yet.
    2)Advice..I expect to use Aircraft stripper and clean and outgass. I told him media blasting would be the way, but again he’s on a budget. Any tips for aluminum wheels? I’m using the hobby gun and a household oven.

    Thanks all,


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