How Much Is Enough?

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    Lets say I am spraying a motorcycle wheel, its been blasted with fine grade coal slag and handsanded with 220 grit to knock down the profile. I apply that powder at 70k.v and apply a even coat to just cover the part. But everytime I do this method the powder does not flow out good, so I apply more, still does not flow out good.

    The part is placed in a pre heated oven at 330-360f, I believe my ground may be a problem, because when I apply over what I should it doesnt produce the hairs you should should see when you put too much on. What I get is powder that looks like its not uniform, like I had it set at too much voltage, but again if I set it low I do not get enough film to flow out.

    Also the parts should be hot enough when I pull out so that if I spray them the powder should melt and flow out right? I notice when I pull wheels out and shoot them hot, the powder only melts alittle but definitley does not flow out like others are saying, so maybe my problem is the oven is not getting hot enough to bring the parts to temp.

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