How many times can you repaint?

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    I’ve inspected the paint on the 87 mustang I own.

    The whole car body has been repainted once.
    (1 factory layer+1 aftermarket layer = 2 Total Paint layers)

    The decklid has been repainted twice
    (1 Factory +2 aftermarket layers = 3 Total paint layers)

    The body of my mustang is covered with scratches

    The RHS door needs bodywork, which I have done, and needs to be repainted
    (has 2 paint layers on it, 1 factory+1 aftermarket = 2 total paint layers)

    The decklid has several drill holes that need to be filled and then the decklid needs to be repainted.

    What partes of the car can I repaint?

    how many layers of paint can you put on a body piece and not have it crack off?

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