How many cans do I need to do engine compartment and subframe?

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    Hello! Im new to the forum and im excited to be here. I currently have the entire front clip off my 79 trans am and in june im planning on reassembling my car for paint. Im on a budget and after 4 months of research and l decided to go the spray can route for my subframe, suspension components, firewall,inner fenders, master cylinder, spindles, engine brackets, and my radiator support. My question is how many cans do i need of each product both for primer and paint? Im very interested in using the 2k products as well for durability and longevity.

    Heres my plan:

    Subframe (clean bare metal) extreme chassis black and chassis black primer or 2k epoxy and 2k chassis black

    Radiator support- 2k epoxy and 2k underhood black

    Inner fenders (already in dupont urethane high build primer) underhood black 2k cans

    Firewall- epoxy 2k primer and 2k underhood black

    Master cylinder- spray gray

    I was going to use the laquer based products on the engine brackets or will i have some left over from there others.

    As soon as you tell me im planning to order. Also this is my first experience restoring a vehical and before i started it i had zero previous experience with tools or anything. Is there any other products like pre i should consider and how should i prep each surface? Would you also reccomend different primers for any of the these products? Oh yea and one more question could i get away with just using 2k chassis black on bare metal with no primer to save money? Im getting married in aug and saving money will keep me from having to sleep outside.

    Thanks- dan

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