How hot Do 2 stage Air Compressors Get When Running?

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    I’ve got A problem here. basically what temperature would you say the heads on the compressor pump of a 5HP 2 stage air compressor get should get? I have just bought A new 2 stage air compressor 5Hp 60 Gallon tank ( I will not mention brand name for I have used their equipment 40 years or more) but it don’t seem right.Fed Ex damaged this compressor from delivery which they delivered to me without ever sending an arrival date or shipping confirmation, so it arrived unexpectanct ly while I was busy. I did not unwrap it(wrapped in plastic not so see through,very thick milled) and signed for it for I was doing something that I couldn’t stop on. I hurridlied signed for the compressor and once I did Unwrap it later that day The pressure switch was demolished with the guages also..I called the company and no problem, they sent me a new switch, I installed it and when I pumped this baby up, it had A small sound that was unusual..I have had many compressors and pretty well know what they should, or should not sound like.I suspected bearing damage so the company then sent me A whole new pump..not the whole rig, but the pump itself.I put it on and it still made An unfamiliar sound to the pumps I am used to(been around them for 40 years or more)…This made me leary and I also notice that just from filling the tank up from a cold start that the heads get what i think is unusually hot just for a tank fill..Most two stages I am used to run alot cooler than this..Okay now lets say after about 20 minutes use, the heads get really really hot and needless to say, alot of moisture in the lines( I run two water separators, as well as an inline next to my guns)I am not used to these aluminum heads with cast iron sleeves, but is this normal? I mean not even after hours of use, but from simple fill up and a few minutes use, it sure seems this pump gets too hot.Can anyone tell me if I run my IR heat gun on these heads after using lets say 20 minutes..what would be a comfortable temperature these heads should be? This unit is of course under warranty, and they sent me a new pump to replace the one damaged from Fed Ex…but yet..this just seems way too hot…Don’t know if I got into A bad milled bearing batch, or bearing hole where they go into on the crank or what..I would just like to know what would the regular temperature be on heads ..I was wondering if I should contact the company and request a pump from a new batch or what.I want to run my IR temp gun on it fresh tommorrow, but need a temperature to base my suspicions on…

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