How good is the internal frame coating on dirty areas.

Posted: November 25, 2012 By: jimmyboob

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    I am considering the use of this product inside the cowl and rocker panels of my 78 Trans Am.

    I used a boroscope and was able to snake it through my cowl and into the rockers. I noticed my rockers has a bunch of pine needles and old leaves laying in there. I also saw that my cowl and rockers have very little rust, just a few surface spots here and there but for the most part the old paint is intact.

    Due to the minor amounts of rust I considered using the internal frame coating. I am worried it won’t be effective due to the large amounts of debris and dirt that have accumulated in these hidden areas. (it is not enough debris to where water is trapped)

    I am currently debating on wether to buy new rockers and cowl panels or using your internal frame coating product.

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