How do you touch up a spot, after cooling?

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    Hi. I’m brand new at this PC stuff. I recently coated a set of 4 pcs. with semi-gloss black.

    I have the EW Dual Voltage setup. The 4 pieces came out beautiful, except for one spot on one of the pcs., where I must have scraped the powder off, when placing the part in the oven.

    That spot remained bare steel. So, without any direction, I scuffed around the missed area, to feather it in. I wiped the piece off with denatured alcohol, hung it, and shot the piece, again. I only shot the missed spot, and slightly around it…not the entire piece.

    While it was in the oven, I watched to see it flow out. The spot flowed out, but not the surrounding area. I let it bake some more at 450* to see if it would eventually flow out. It never did. It looks like paint overspray.

    So, I turned the heat down to 400* for 20 minutes to finish. The bare spot came out nice, but the entire surrounding area has that “overspray” look.

    What’s the best way to fix a spot…re-shoot the entire piece?

    I expected the entire piece to look flowed out, but that never happened…does that mean that the existing first coat doesn’t get “liquid”, when re-baked?

    The repair isn’t real bad, and considering that it’s a motor mount bracket, I could live with it, the way it is, but if I wanted to, could I wet sand the dry looking “overspray” area, then buff?

    Thanks for reading all this. I want to be better at this. I think to myself, “what would I do if this was a customers piece?”…


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