How do you guys hot-flock?

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    I know some people won’t hot-flock due to the fact that your object is easily ruined if you have a lot of powder coming out of the gun at once, but I have some questions that I cab’t find the answers to on this forum.

    -*- Do you ground a part that is hot-flocked? Why do(n’t) you do that?
    -*- Can you take out a part that has a small piece that isn’t covered well out of the oven to hot-flock only this spot and then finish the cure cycle?

    And finally another question….

    I have a tricycle frmae done in Neon Pink and want to put a Starlight finish over it. Due tot he fact that my hot-flocking technique isn’t that good I had to sand off a few pits were there was too musch powder. These areas now stand out as being dull… Will this still stand out when the finish clear-starlight has been applied or will it all blend in because of the shinyness of the starlight???

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