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    Vernon S.

    I have a 02 chevy S-10 ZR2, and right now I’m working on the cab replacing the cab corners and rockers. When I took the bed off to do the cab corner I found the bottom was rusted along with the inner finders. I started looking for a bed to replace it, well a zr2 bed or parts are hard to find and I keep hearing you talk about the items to stop rust. I’m adding some pictures of what I got in hope you can tell me what to do and get. I was planning on sand blasting the bottom of the bed and just put bed liner on it, but then there’s no way to do the inner part of the finder.
    Sure could use an idea or two on it. [ATTACH]4641[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4642[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4643[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4644[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4645[/ATTACH]

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