How do I reduce mask transition ridges?

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    I am wondering if there is a good way to reduce the ridge that develops when masking off two color+ items. For example, often I will powder coat a base color and then mask off areas and add additional colors, getting a clean parting line between colors, etc. I then apply my decals (powder coatable decals) & etc. and then apply a clear powder coat. This all works great, but I get a distinct ridge under the clear where the color transitions were masked off, etc. Is there a way that I can reduce this ridge?, or does anyone have any techniques that they use, etc. (i.e. sanding before the clear is applied?, etc)

    For example, I have attached a photo of one of my bike frames that I powdercoated and cleared with Eastwood Products (awsome stuff!!!). It looks great, but you can feel and see distinct parting ridges where the colors change, etc.

    Thank you.

    Dave Anderson

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