Hotrod 31′ Chevy TUB, 86′ Fiero Convertible & the Red Baron Chopper?

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    FIRST POST! (should have come here earlier)

    SUBJECT: Projects DO they ever END ???

    Do you find yourself getting others when the last two you have arent even CLOSE to being done?

    #1 – 1931 Chevy:
    Pulled this out of the woods of NH.. This is what it looks like now after 4? years of very little time and free parts collecting from a friends Junkyard…


    Didnt want to load this post with pics so checkout my signature link and you can see the other two.. a Fiero convertible project (110? pages) and a Yamaha SR250 turning into a Red Baron theme Chopper (all free stuff)

    Not “NEW” btw.. Just wasnt looking for a forum the last time I was here.. (and thats not often as I’m always in the garage)


    Jason you in here??? midmo???

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