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    Hi Folks! This is my first post, I appreciate Eastwood for providing this forum.

    I am using one of the “Hobby” style powdercoat guns from another company and am not happy with the build quality. I’m thinking of buying one of the refurbished Hotcoat Pro guns. I do small items so I don’t need a bigger hopper, and I really like the idea of having the HV power supply in the gun.

    One thing that concerns me is serviceability. I was told by someone on the phone at Eastwood that after the refurbished gun’s 90-day warrenty expires, the gun is not serviceable, meaning it can not be repaired by Eastwood. So I figured I’d get more info before I spend the money:

    1. Is the HV power supply available, and can a properly-qualified person open the gun and replace it? I spent 8 years repairing test equipment that used HV power supplies, so I feel qualified as long as I can get the supply and the gun isn’t one big potted assembly.

    2. I’d like to hear from anyone who has experience with the Hotcoat Pro, good or bad. Does the gun work well? Is it reliable? Is it built reasonably well?

    If you don’t want to respond here you can email me at

    Any info would be really appreciated, thanks!


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