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    I have created a chip chart, in Microsoft Powerpoint. In it, i cut and pasted each available powder color image directly from this web site (with permission obtained by phone with Eastwood).
    Included is the color pic, the name and it’s Eastwood P/N.
    It fits on 4 pages. It took a BUNCH of time to compile.
    It looks really good, printed with a quality ink jet on quality bright white paper.

    I plan to use it in my small business, to give a prospective customer an idea of what colors are available, with the caveat that final exact color tint will differ from an inkjet representation. Eastwood will, of course, profit from the sales i close, when i purchase more of their powders. 😉

    If any of you are interested in this, i’d be happy to email it to you for $5.00US. I’m not looking to get rich. I just want a little something for my time.

    PM me if interested, and we’ll do the particulars.

    Christopher – Hammerhead Powder Coating.

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