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    I want to thank everyone at Eastwood for all the good information and help on these forums and to introduce our (Dad and Daughter) Hot Rod MakerTruck project.
    The Hot Rod MakerTruck is going to be hooked up with a trailer and we are going to take 3D printers, CAD equipment, CNC, electronics, robotics, other cool MakerStuff? to communities to promote creativity, innovation, technical education, fabrication, etc. to other kids.
    I have purchased a Mini-Bus that will be the perfect vehicle to start with. My Daughter and I have just started the basic design/layout. We want this MakerTruck to be really unique so the kids think it’s cool. We will be fiber-glassing, welding, doing interior, painting, etc. We would love to make it into a 4 by 4 (like the Dakar Rally Big Trucks) but currently we do not have the budget for that.
    We are looking for suggestions for the MakerTruck project itself. Cool design ideas/features? What other MakerStuff we should take on the road with us to interact with the kids? Can you think of good places for us to go with the MakerTruck, etc?

    Any ideas, suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Mike

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