hot coat system problems

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    well im really regretting buying this gun. I posted a thread before i knew about this forum on caswell.reason being is because i was having a problem with powder getting stuck on the end of the metal rod in the gun. i was told thats because there is water in my lines. this is really impossible now. i have 50ft of hose then pvc going up the wall (water is going to travel up the wall very easy) then i have the pvc go acoss the ceiling and down the wall to a big water trap. then on the gun i have the little water seperator it comes with. is the little cone think supposed to be at the end of the rod or the rod is supposed to stick out furter then the cone. now also what is the best way to clean this thing? i find that the canisters are really hard and annoying to clean out. the gun isnt so bad really just the pod that holds the powder. i cant just blow it right out like my friend does with his craftsman gun. there powder always getting stuck on the inside of the pod and i have to rise it out then stuff rags in there to dry it and then blow it out with the air gun.. any help would be apprciated.

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