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    The horns on my 1978 Firebird Formula stopped working after replacing the turn signal springs.

    I checked out the horns with a jumper cable from the auto battery and the horns worked fine. It seems that power is not getting to horns from pressing the horn button on the steering wheel.

    The horn relay checked OK and the Horn Contact Spring and Pin that is below the horn button on the Formula type Steering wheel looks fine.

    I figure that I must have covered a contact point when connecting the steering wheel back on its column after repairing the turn signals, but do not know what to do next.

    Behind the lock plate is a thin firm piece of plastic that is held in place by a layer of grease, could this be blocking the contact?
    I believe that I set this plastic piece correctly.

    Never had this problem when previously replacing the turn signal springs before. Suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks to all here that previously gave me pointers other problems.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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