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    First I woud like to thank for your advice in the past, now Houston we have problem. Iwas ready to paint my truck last Tuesday, the weather change would not let me, so I started to wet sand my hood and had a big surprise on the drivers side I had bumps took the disk sander and went over them the rust is back after the hood was treated with your stuff the way it was recommended. I had it hanging from my rafters out weather and dampness. Had three coats of the buff primer. Note: the hood was completely taken apart blasted to bear metal and put back together with your products. I just ordered a can of white rust incapsulator is this going to solve the problem the last incapsulator did not do its job. I want you to know I do not say mush about my problems but this time it is costing :mad:me. Can you help with this? I do not know how to add pics?

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