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    I’ve got a ’67 Honda that I’m restoring and I’m having an impossible time with the wheels. I bought new rims and spokes and I’m attempting to polish the inner hubs/drums and brake panels.

    When I disassembled these it looked like they were possibly chromed aluminum? They were in bad shape, so I blasted with AO, then wet sanded with 400 down to 2000 grit. Problem is that they refuse to polish out. I’ve tried Tripoli and several other compounds with no success at all. I can remain in one spot forever and the finish doesn’t change. I’m guessing that possibly the chrome finish hasn’t been completely removed.

    I would PC these chrome, but the rear has rubber inserts that apparently cannot be removed(no access to pull out) and replacements are not available. Any thoughts on determining if the chrome/nickle is still intact.

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