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Posted: May 8, 2013 By: RLREL

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    I bought an Eastwood 135 to restore my 56 chevy and repair various things around the house. I wanted the 135 so that I had the versatility of plugging into an 120 volt plug. Along the same thinking I wanted to put the machine on a cart that could be easily taken to the most inexcessable places and would be as light weight as I could make it. I’m retired so money is always an issue. I used scrap metal that I already had to build the cart. I started with overhead garage door rails to build the frame. Garage door rails are a little more time consuming to cut mitered joints but they make a beautiful joint when welded up. I built the frame narrow so that I could get it through tight places, so it is just wide enough for the 135. Because it is only 11 inches wide I was concerned about it tipping over easy so I welded old Ford spring hangers on the back to install the wheels underslung. The back wheels are 12 inch diameter that I scrounged from Habitat for Humanity store. The large back wheels allow me to pick up the front handle and take off across the roughest terrain, pulling easy and no tipping problem. I installed two caster wheels in the front and had to inset them so that they matched the rear wheel heigth. I installed a folding handle in the front to fold out of the way but just the right height when pulling the cart on its back wheels only. I found an old government issue file card holder at a car swap meet that had two drawers and fit inside the frame just right with the only modification to weld a plate on the back of each drawer. These drawers hold my tips, brushes, wire, tools, etc. I scrounged an old basket from St Vicent DePaul and cut and welded it to fit in the bottom to hold my grinders and such. I welded pins on the right side to support the welder cables. A Pin on the left side holds an extension cord if I’m in a remote area. lI must say I was extremely happy with the 135 MIG. It was easy to set up and I welded thick material and very thin material easy and effectively.[ATTACH]4179[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4180[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4181[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4182[/ATTACH]

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