Home built powder coat gun !!

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    Actually, it’s a modified standard Eastwood gun.
    I never liked the spray patern of it , mainly because of the huge round deflector up front. A friend bought the Eastwood Pro gun, and I like the way it sprayed. He let me disassemble it so that I could duplicate the parts.
    A couple of hours of machining got me a gun that sprays the same as the Pro gun for a lot less money.
    I found that the major difference between the two, was the funnel shaped pick-up tube for the powder. The Pro gun has almost 8 times the pick-up area.
    My question is for the power supply.
    How much better is the power supply on the the Pro gun VS the original gun? Does anyone actually run it on a lower voltage, or they run it flat out?
    My gun works fine as it is now, but I’m all ears if there’s ways to improve it some more.

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