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    Many of you already know, I’m a commercial powder coater. But like most of you, I started as a hobby & with hobby guns.
    I recently have seen many new posts & questions on here about hobby & pro guns & thought I would add my .02 cents worth.
    In my shop, last year I started a series of powder coating “tech sessions”. It started by accident with a winter tech session for my local car club. Last years tech sessions were so popular, I was asked to do many more. I just did one last week & plan to do at least 4 – 5 more this winter & spring.
    The intent of these “Tech Sessions” are to show newbies how they can obtain profesional results with a hobby powder system at home. You might think I am crazy to show people how easy powder is & that it will take business away form my shop? In fact, it has had just the oposite result & has created even more business for my shop.
    At last weeks session, I had about 30 attendees. During the session we powdered some small items (valve covers & air filters). I let the attendees do the whole job from prep to finish.
    I have a Nordson pro system that I use everyday. But at these sessions I let the attendees use my Harbor Freight (HF) hobby gun.
    Recently I got a EastWood (EW) hobby & pro gun. So I also let tham use the EW hobby gun to compare against the Harbor freight system. Out of the 30 attendees At least 25 thought the EW hobby gun was much better than the HF hobby system & I have to agree. The EW system provided better results & was easier to use.
    As I get ready for my next session, I just tried out the EW Pro gun. In a word “WOW” I was really impressed. After getting used to it (15 minutes), I have to admit I like the EW pro gun better than my Nordson system (The Nordson system costs about 4 times more than the EW pro).
    I felt the EW pro gun was as good or even better than my Nordson. I really liked that you can “dial” in the EW gun at the gun rather than a remote control panel. It provided great atomization, good powder attraction at the same time is a simple design & faster to switch colors.
    I “shoot to waste” in my shop. The EW pro had much less powder waste on my booth floor.
    So if anyone is on the fence as to what powder system to buy. I would highly recomend both the EW hobby & Pro systems. To think you can get a pro system for under $800.00 rather spend alamost 4K like I did for the Nordson, is a no brainer.
    I don’t work for EW & have NFI. Just wanted to share my results.
    Good Luck

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