Hobby Gun leaking

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    I am not sure if this is what is causing my issues on the parts I have been coating, but figured it could be.

    My hobby gun has been leaking since I got it. It leaks right were the cup lid mounts to the shaft on the gun. It actually sprays out powder above the cup lid. I tried to use some silicone to seal it up, but it just blows out underneath the silicone. I don’t know the proper terminology for the parts. By cup lid, I am referring to the the piece that you screw the powder cups into. And by shaft, I am referring to the long horizontal tube that the powder blows through.

    I didn’t want to take it apart and silicone more stuff for fear that it would void any warranty on the gun. How much do you take the gun apart for a rebuild? Anybody else have this problem? Any ideas of ways to remedy this?

    I was thinking that if I am blowing air and powder out the side of the gun, that I am not getting proper mixture out the end nozzle. Maybe causing the powder to flow out too thick, or clump up.



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