Hi to all New here and new to powder coating. Need some info

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    Hello guys, i am George from Greece. tomorow i am receiving my Eastwood Powder coating gun.
    Because i am new with powder coating i have some questions if anybody can help me with.

    1. after Sandblasting does the metal needs to be brushed polished before the power. i know sandblasting leave some marks. does the powder make them dissapear? or after curing the part the marks will be shown.

    2. silicon powders that have U.V protection ,some say you dont have to clear coat them. but if you do exept the better durability will you gain also more shine in the object?

    3. if you use candy powder. is it better to powder a highly polished metal , or is it better to powder with chrome powder and the shoot the candy?

    4. this goes with the previous question. if i want to shoot chrome then candy then clear it ? ? ? ? ?what is the procedure. do i have to cure its powder the time that needs? each at a time ? or there is a secret in this.

    5. do i have to warm the metal i want to powder … before shooting the powder and cure it.

    i know too much questions but i am a begginer and i have invested some money for making a big oven for that reason. an oven that would take in a motorcycle frame. the oven project costed more than i thought (tommorow will be ready) and because i am from greece it isnt very easy for me to buy powder from overseas and dont want to waste it in experiments ( i will but hope to save some with your answers).

    sorry if i made any writting mistakes . thanks for your time

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