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Posted: April 2, 2013 By: deliveryguy

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    I have been looking at various hi-temp aerosol paints;Alvin’s, VHT and Eastwood. I decided on the Eastwood Satin Black Hi-Temp coating #10393Z. I am using it to paint the underside of the hood on my ’65 Studebaker.This may be overkill but the engine bay gets hot as *ell sometimes.I have the underside of the hood ready for paint, but I have a few questions.
    After I placed my order I read on another website that this paint has to be heat cured for maximum effect.True?The hood is off the car and won’t be going back on anytime soon.My thought was that I could cure the paint using a heat lamp.Also, the hood will be outside for about a day before I bring it inside to use the heat lamp method to cure it.Is that too long a time?Do I even have to do this step?(Yes, I’m a dummy, and Yes, I want to do this right the first time.)
    I also read that with this type of paint, more is not necessarily better.I was going to give it 2 thick coats.My initial thought was to paint it outside, let it sit in the sun all day,than bring it inside for a heat cure.Can I safely handle the hood sooner without mucking up the paint?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.Have a good one….

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