HF gun and second coat issues

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    I am having problems with my second coats on parts. I get a good first coat, but the second one usually doesn’t want to stick. I know that I have a cheap-o gun, but I am saving up for a Hyper Smooth 02, hopefully by doing some parts for some others. But back to the question. Any tips as to what I am doing wrong? I have a dedicated ground rod for my parts hanger, a small rubbermade tub to hang the parts, clean the gun often, and get good spray with the gun. Is the first part to thick, maybe? I usually try to fileout a bolt hole after the first coat to keep my grounding good. I lowered the pressure through the gun and make a fine cloud around the part, but the powder only seems to stay on the flat edges whereit falls. Anyway, any help would be great.

    As for prep, I use my work blaster with aluminum oxide in it, clean with air, then with either Pre or acetone, air, acetone, air, preheating for degassing, then powder as per the specific instructions.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and I will answer any questions as to setup as possible.

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