Hey guys, need advice on prepping motorcycle rear sets prior to coating

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    Hey guys, i am new to the fourm and about 90% finish setting up my first custom powder coating shop. I have lots of questions and info about my how my setting up is going. However my first of many is the prep work you guys do for motorcycle rearset prep before coating.

    The parts in question are off of a 2005 cbr 600RR and the customer, my first, wants the foot peg hard ware front and rear done in flast matte black. There are a few machined surfaces around the peg and lever on the brake side. Should i tape them before blasting?. And if so, should I also tape all those spots before coating? I don’t think the holes for attaching the holders are too tight and they should be able to be coated without taping. Would you reccomend this or tape all areas or contact surfaces before coating and then coat as usual?

    The parts aer now cooling after outgassing and i just wanted to get a little advace before i go ahead and start blasting.
    If anybody has pics of their prep and taping before coating similar parts that would be great.

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