Here is how I ended 2005!!

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    Coming home from FedEx on 12/30/05….Seems there is a lifted Dodge truck coming from a side road between stopped traffic….also seems he thinks that he can cross ALL THREE lanes before I get to him……………..He was SOOOO wrong!! We find out tomorrow if they are going to total the van or not. Front has some pretty decent damage. The part that will probably (in my opinion) total it shows when you look at the driver’s side door and windshield. The door is obviously not lining up anymore and the windshield cracked three places along the A pillar…..kind gives the idea there was a fair amount of twisting in the body/subframe…(what do you paint and body guys think??)..oh well…..we will know for sure tomorrow they say.

    Oh…….BTW…yes I’m fine….took a trip to the ER because of SEVERE pain in left hip and headache…I know it was from the seatbelt but when you are a nurse and your wife is a trauma team respiratory therapist you know better than to not go to the ER…..

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