Here is a project done with pure helium

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    I did this project with under 150 amps of power at any time. And never needed any more then 100 to weld. I just used some more power to heat more quickly.

    I did this with straight DC current. That means the torch is charged (-) and the ground is charged (+). This type of welding flies. You can only stay in one spot so long or you will blow a hole right through the 0.387″ thick material. I weld this so fast that most don’t believe it. The stringers web or face is over 3/8″ thick the treads are 3/16″ thick diamond plate.


    I welded all the treads and top deck in today. It is also welded underneath but you can’t see it.

    You do have to be careful of your skin when doing this it can burn badly in a few minutes of this kind of welding.

    And you have to be careful of dirty material. Because a very high voltage lightning bolt can strike your welding rod and cause a sort of heart failure or heart seizure.


    William McCormick

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