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    One of my friends got it by another car while she was driving and she needs to get it fixed. The dents are taken car of but the paint is a little too expensive for her budget so she has asked me to help her out. I don’t know where the dent is but its around 1′ by 1′ so its now very big. The thing is i don’t know if it is going to be down to bare metal of have primer on it but I need to know how far to sand around the bare spot and how to fade the color and clear cote in. I have a good idea on it because I had to do this to my moms car once. So I just need some more input and tips to make it look as professional as possiable. The reason is because i am in highschool and people know that I know how to paint farily well so I need to prove that I know what Im doing and get my name out there.

    many thanks,

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