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    Hi everyone I have been reading on here alot and doing some research on prep and painting. But every where I read something is differnt. I have a 1990 Chevy Pickup that I want to repaint due to the rust that chevy trucks like to get under the door and wheelwells, Im sure you all know what Im talking about. Im just not sure how I should start out by fixing this, my plan was to sand it down and put in bddy filler then sand it. But what kind of sand paper do I use? I have a 6″ dual action sander that I would like to use. Another question do I block sand the whole truck or can I use my DA? But my big question is how to prep this truck, any advice you have would be great, cause everywhere I read they say something differnt. So if I could get some help on what kind of sanding and grit I need that would be great. Thanks alot!!

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