help with part cleaning and metal prep with rust

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    I am getting to the point now with my GTO resto that I am bolting parts back together. I cleaned and painted the frame and floors with rust encapsolator and chassis coat. I am now putting the suspension back on and I have all these smaller parts, brackets, spindles, backing plate, etc, that are covered in dirt, grease, undercoating, and paint. What I want to know is if there are any solvents or anything I can use to clean these parts then either soak them in rust disolver or oxisolve to take care of the rust or if oxisolve or rust disolver will take care of that too. Basically, I don’t want to hand clean or wirewheel ever again and I would like to know how and what eastwood stuff i can use to prep the metal and take care of the rust so I can use a regular primer instead of using Rust encapsolator on everything. thanks in advance for any help.

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