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Posted: January 27, 2006 By: the.hogman

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    I have a floor blast cabinet and need some advice. What media should I use to blast engine parts for paint prep? I have 20/30 walnut shell media but am having trouble with the performance of it. It won’t strip paint off of metal at all, but it will off of a painted wood board. Could you advise as to the pressure I should be running for the gravity feed cabinet with this media? Is there a recommended nozzle and orifice size? I have an compressor that can push over 175 psi at 18.7 cfm, so air is not a problem. I have used sand in my pressure pot and it will strip anything. The cabinet is a new tool for my shop.
    Should I be using a different media? If so, what type and grit would be best. I look forward to the responses. I’ll post back the results.

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