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    Today I pc’d some alternator brackets with single stage chrome and they came out shiny alum. gray looking. I think I did everything right as far a cleaning, drying, flow out was good and cooked them for 20 min. @ 400. I checked with IR gun to make sure the heat was right on the piece. Tried it twice and same results. So, then I tried just reflective chrome on them and they came out real chrome looking, I was happy with that. Let the pieces cool down 40 degrees F and then shot some low temp clear over that and baked them for the recommended time and they came out that shiny alum. gray look.
    Not the shinny chrome look. can anyone give me some advice on what I am doing wrong. I did let the parts sit in my shop so they would cool down. I checked with the IR gun and they were 40 degree F. figured that was cool enough to shoot low temp clear coat. Shot low temp clear and baked for the recommended time after flow out and got that shiny alum. gray look again.

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