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    I applied a chrome base to a project ( valve cover) then coated a candy blue over top…it turned out thick in some spots and thinner in others , I know that in the hard to reach valleys I sprayed to thick but I really had to lay it on to get them totally covered.I’m sure the candy colors just require expierience with thickness controll when shooting, but did I start in the wrong areas by doing the ” hard to reach spots ” first? And should I just be covering enough to hide the base cover or do you lay all the candy color coats on thicker? Ok, one last thing… I had some string or bits of cloth on the part from cleaning that I thought I had gotten off but showed up when the I took part out of oven, I was wondering if anyone has tried to take propane torch over the partjust quicky enough not to heat the part up but to burn off excess , lint and residue or whatever before shooting? Thanks

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